Sabah Al-Ahmad City Marine


Chalets Cote project is located in Sabah Al-Ahmad City
Navy - Lagoons area, the first phase, and consists
The project of housing vouchers, each containing role
Basement and ground floor and two floors are identical, in addition to the roof.
The project includes with it the number of housing units, including
Apartments two-bedroom system, the number of units and duplexes
The rest of the three rooms of different system models and interfaces
Beach overlooking the creek directly.
Backend of the project also overlooking the swimming pools
Common green gardens, designed in an innovative way
To spend quality time with your family.
The project includes a basement private car park can accommodate
To all residents, and bureaucracy for men and health club for men
And another for women, both fully equipped and consortium of rooms
The sauna and steam, the basement also houses a private space
Equipped with toys safe for children.