Mermaid 5: Sabah Al-Ahmad Marine City

Sabah Al-Ahmad Marine City

Sabah Al-Ahmad Marine City's first and largest project hails entirely by the private sector, to implement the aspirations of His Highness the Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah
Ahmad Al-Sabah to transform Kuwait for financial and commercial center and work to speed up the economy and strengthen the role of the private sector in supporting development
Economic, and achieve the desired goal of the political leadership.
Sabah Al-Ahmad Marine City offers an unparalleled opportunity in Kuwait for the enjoyment of residential life and experience a distinctive contemporary style. With the growth of
Marine City and its evolution, upscale resorts and luxury villas and apartments overlooking the tranquil sea and waterways will appear.
In the coming years, people will have the advantage of integrating their number will increase retail buildings business departments into a unified protected
It allows residents a unique opportunity to live, work and entertainment at the waterfront of the city.
Sabah Al-Ahmad Marine City is in accordance with culturally distinct not only in the region but in the world, achieved not Valanjaz
Only limited to the establishment of an integrated city on the swampy land was unsuitable for building, but is characterized by using the latest scientific findings
In the establishment of the modern cities, in terms of planning and achievement for each infrastructure, facilities and services at the highest level,
And contain integrated services .. beaches, mosques, schools, marina, service center, fire station naval, coast guard center, corridors
Infantry, housing vouchers, vouchers commercial, industrial vouchers, public parks in addition to the mangrove islands.
Join us and belonged to a draft chalets Marmid 5 Lagoons, and enjoy with your family absolute luxury charming views.


Mermaid 6: Sabah Al-Ahmad Marine City

Mermaid 6: Sabah Al-Ahmad Marine City

Chalets Mermaid range of residential projects in Sabah Al-Ahmad Marine City where they were five stages of marketing B_taib Super Deluxe
And distinctive sites overlooking the creek directly.
We offer you project chalets Mermaid VIP 6, which features an exceptional location where units overlooking the creek on the one hand and on the other hand, the marina,
The project also consists of a three-story and two-story floor repeater) first and second (and Rove, comprising Bttiyatha 9 housing units in addition to Astidio, characterized
Privacy and finishing Super Deluxe.
Also, the housing units of varying sizes consist of Master bedroom, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, maid's room with private bathroom, in addition to the lounge
Living room, kitchen and balcony.
The project is surrounded by green space adds more privacy to private owners and the atmosphere, and is characterized by proximity to the main roads) through 278 (and View
The creek and marina.
Joined the elite and owned in your unit chalets Mermaid VIP 6, and enjoy the privacy with your family in the most beautiful views freely.


Chalets Kout

Sabah Al-Ahmad City Marine


Chalets Cote project is located in Sabah Al-Ahmad City
Navy - Lagoons area, the first phase, and consists
The project of housing vouchers, each containing role
Basement and ground floor and two floors are identical, in addition to the roof.
The project includes with it the number of housing units, including
Apartments two-bedroom system, the number of units and duplexes
The rest of the three rooms of different system models and interfaces
Beach overlooking the creek directly.
Backend of the project also overlooking the swimming pools
Common green gardens, designed in an innovative way
To spend quality time with your family.
The project includes a basement private car park can accommodate
To all residents, and bureaucracy for men and health club for men
And another for women, both fully equipped and consortium of rooms
The sauna and steam, the basement also houses a private space
Equipped with toys safe for children.



Gardenia Tower - Malaysia Nilai

Nilai, Malaysia

Grardenia Tower

The building is designed in an elegant style reflects the culture and the spirit of Malaysia. Let's bring a new life
To the beautiful city of Nilai by creating an attractive environment for the resident and the tourist and shopper
And businessman and anyone looking for comfort and well-being in Nilai.
Our priorities is to create a society commensurate with all tastes, Gardenia Tower unique project
Nilai in a variety of services and distinctive design.